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The works of P. A. Lamping explore the spooky realms of quantum and relativity theories. Stories disect the tension and conflict between science and human nature. See recent excerpts below:

 (from pages 69 and 70 of "Revelations of Fate" - Cyrus discussing with CERN scientist on the causes of the recent equipment failures)

I sat in awe at the diverse implications of his findings, but my question remained simple. “If that is the case, why did they hire me to chase these phantoms?”

“They refuse to accept this conclusion. First of all, if my theory is sound, it would scare off investing agencies and governments. Second, there are real protest groups out there and it is much easier to indict them than indict the universe.”

“So what can we do about it?” I asked.

“Nothing. Nothing at all. The universe is big enough to take care of itself. Even if we built sensors to read the right conditions so we know when to turn down the beams when it gets too hot, the universe would still give us too many false positives. And if you tell our security chief, he will likely blame someone else, find a convenient scapegoat.”

“Like my brother,” I said in ultimate recognition.

He finished by saying, “If the universe will allow it, we should just march on and we’ll find our particle.”

“My time here is wasted,” I concluded.

As I pointed out in my recent announcements, they did find their particle.

(next excerpt from page 242 and 243)

He splashed ahead of us but he had a diving propulsion motor that dragged him from the danger of the falls.

“Sifu!” she yelled again.

Instead, he steered for the anchor line. Just as he reached the orange buoy connected to the line, Kuri rose from the water, grabbed him from behind and began wailing on him with a rarely seen force of rage. She wrapped the line once around his neck, swung the hooked end of the line around like a lasso and hurled it at us desperately. It came up short, as I am sure she knew it would. Undeterred, she grabbed Konarka’s motorized fin and sped back to us.

“No! Don’t let him go!” I screamed.

Too late.

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July 6, 2012
CERN confirms storyline

CERN's announcement of the evidence of the Higgs boson comes a mere 30 days after publication of Revelations of Fate which includes some foretelling dialogue about how the elusive particle will soon be found.

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May 29, 2012
Revelations of Fate now available!
Recently added to the CreateSpace store - Revelations of Fate!  Will be available on Amazon in a few days. Kindle version coming after that. See the Order page for links.

April 20, 2012
"Name that Book" Contest!
  The "Name that Book" contest begins Saturday, April 21, 2012.  See the Contests link for details.