Main Characters of Into the Fifth World series


 The main character's name is Proteus. He once had a respectable life in biophysics and a proud family. Then the universe, so he thinks, lays a path before him.

To handle the dangers and expectations thrust upon him, he developed a device which enhances the natural abilities of consciousness.

Much is discovered in this tale. Science (plasmid DNA and genetics), medicine (vaccines and placebos), history, mythology and archaeology, modernization versus tradition, the unceasing strife of being human, paranoia, and mysterious qualities of the universe (probabilistic systems) that leave us questioning the difference between coincidence and fate.

Cyrus - brother to Proteus. His brother's mirror image, intellectual counterpart and link to reality for Proteus. When Cyrus goes to search for Proteus, people often confuse him Proteus, whom they have met before.  Cyrus studies methods to detect cancer, becomes suspicious of dealings by his company, Aztran, they fire him.  He starts charity work for advocacy groups.

Mithras - Primary organizer of a network of scientists.  Walks with signature hickory cane.  He mentors Proteus and tries to steer him toward certain studies.  Mithras is somewhat of a Machiavellian character, "Changing people's false perceptions is perhaps the most arduous task of leadership. So much the easier to use their own existing misconceptions against them, making a new assertion."  Mithras helps Cyrus track down his lost brother.

Sobek - doctor and worker for Doctors Without Borders. Assists Cyrus in crossing into remote area of Asia.