"Name that Book" contest (Update - contest over)

It's a universal rule that sequels suck, but all generalities are false (including this one). I present to you the sequel to my first novel, Into the Fifth World. The story is complete but a proper title has yet to emerge out of the chaos.

Send me a message anytime Saturday, April 21st, to enter the contest to "Name that Book". First acceptable title submission wins a free signed copy and will be listed in the acknowledgements. You may connect over email or Twitter @palamping. Read more on the Characters page.

Below is a synopsis.

The story of Cyrus, brother of Proteus.
Into the Fifth World presented the story of Proteus, a scientist who bounces about as a pawn of secret societies struggling in vain against the machinery built by their own utopian delusions and lack of creativity. Proteus finally embraces the path the universe wills for him, fulfills the prophetic visions of an ancient Hopi nation seeking the final catalyst to emerge into a new mindset of life, all in time to keep his own life preserved, but damaged.
The follow up story explores the path of Cyrus, a man compelled to retrace his elusive brother's steps and reunite his family. Cyrus immediately becomes a tool of several planning cabals. He uses their own mechanisms against them, making progressive gains until he finally discovers the one unseen force behind all the disparate groups, the one exploiting human doubts, superstitions and fears, the one directing global strife and anarchy leading up to the 2012 hysteria.
Cyrus skillfully navigates the globe, from Doctors Without Borders camps in South America to the vast research labs at CERN to the simple villages in the Tibetan Himalayas. Cyrus chases the clues and finds himself more and more like Proteus. He, too, must submit to the will of the universe and endanger his family to stop a global catastrophe engineered by a would-be leader and his legion of like-minded lackeys.
Readers will read the tale of Cyrus to see if the Fifth World will begin on a strong foundation or whether humanity will divide itself and prepare the way for a conquering. They will experience ways to begin to solve the ailments of mind, body and soul in this fast-paced follow-up.

Feel free to use these keywords, because I used them a lot in Book 2:

  • Emergence
  • World Encircler
  • Chaos
  • Entanglement
  • Destiny
  • Shift
  • 2012
  • Fifth
  • (Mayan) Long Count
  • (Hopi) Purification
  • Placebo
  • Viral
  • vaccine
  • Drawn
  • (universal) will
  • coincidence
  • synchronicity
  • harmonic/harmony
  • frequency
  • probability
  • vibrations
  • Tibet
  • lost
  • Konarka
  • Mithras
  • Cyrus
  • Jewel of Wishes

Latest News

September 8, 2012
First proofreading done
I completed my first proofreading (thanks to Charles for the feedback) and placed the files for review by the CreateSpace store.  It will be ready to print in a day or so.

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