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Contest update!

Posted: 10th May 2012 by Proteus in Uncategorized

In response to all the feedback, greatly appreciated, I begrudgingly have to disqualify the entry “Destiny’s Harmony.”  I liked it but it reminded too many people of a romance novel.  ”Destiny’s Harmonic” sounds better but still isn’t quite appropriate for this book.  But thanks to the harmony of destiny, I received a late entry in [...]

Second book update

Posted: 16th January 2012 by Proteus in Uncategorized

I am almost done with the first draft of the second book.  This book is narrated by my brother, Cyrus. We just have to give it a name. Should I have a contest? Proteus

Placebo effect has more effect?

Posted: 5th November 2011 by Proteus in Uncategorized

I wrote about this years ago and it is one of the ongoing themes of Into the Fifth World. This Wired article has a good summary of the history of placebo and adds on new discoveries. I write something one year, it becomes a news story the next year. Proteus  

New options for reading, ordering.

Posted: 4th September 2011 by Proteus in Uncategorized

After getting some feedback and making corrections, I will be making Into the Fifth World available on the store (regular print, not just Kindle). As for Kindle, there is now a way to read Kindle books without buying a Kindle — use the new Kindle Cloud Reader.

Story continues…

Posted: 4th June 2011 by Proteus in Uncategorized

The follow-up story to Into the Fifth World is being written at this moment.  My brother, Cyrus, has embarked on his own adventure in pursuit of me, and it sounds like quite a wild ride.  While my tale was called “A story of mind versus man,” this next installment will be called “A story of [...]