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Higgs Boson update

Posted: 7th July 2012 by Proteus in Proteus update It’s a boson! So says the LHC, announcing they have found the long sought particle, the so-called “God” particle. Scientists at Europe’s CERN research center have found a new subatomic particle, a basic building block of the universe, which appears to be the boson imagined and named half a century ago by theoretical physicist [...]

A website visitor informed me of a differently similar website he happened upon by “accident.” Of course we all know there are no coincidences.  This Doug Plamping fellow (also a scifi writer) may not have even existed were it not for the observation made by my website visitor who mistyped my website address. But [...]

Dissecting the Network

Posted: 1st May 2011 by Proteus in Proteus update

So what is this Network I write about?  The network of scientists for scientists — is it real, or merely a fabrication of my paranoia? It’s not Mensa, that much is made clear in Into the Fifth World.  It is never given an official name.  It has multiple components, including a fund-raising arm and a [...]

What is next?

Posted: 29th April 2011 by Proteus in Proteus update

What is my next adventure after Into the Fifth World?  Stay tuned for a new discussion.

Greetings from Proteus

Posted: 28th April 2011 by Proteus in Proteus update

Proteus here.  You may have already read or listened to my story, a story of mind versus man, a story of finding order in the chaos, retracing the steps and bringing those willing into the fifth world. You most certainly have questions.  This is where I will endeavor to provide answers. Stay tuned.