Name that book contest – starting April 21

Posted: 14th April 2012 by Proteus in Contest

If you can help me decide the name of my new book, I’ll send you a free autographed copy.

On April 21, I will post a synopsis of the book, which is the sequel to Into the Fifth World.  Then I’ll set up multiple ways to communicate with me — Yahoo IM, Twitter, this blog, Skype, etc.   Post a message if you have a favorite.  First one to send me a really plausible idea for the book title wins.

The book will be self-published on CreateSpace and Amazon just as soon as I create the cover art.


  1. Daniel Remler says:

    Returning to the Fifth World

  2. Daniel Remler says:

    A Millennial Malady

  3. Daniel Remler says:

    The Recursion Nightmare