2 Entries so far in Name that Book contest

Posted: 21st April 2012 by Proteus in Contest

We have one simply called “12/21/2012″ and one called “Into the Fifth World: The Cyrus Chronicles.”

  1. Proteus says:

    Did a search on Amazon.com — there’s already a couple books with titles 12/21/12 and 12/21/12.

    • Daniel Remler says:

      Too bad — the numbers bit works in nicely with the “conspiracy” theme — especially the way number, in ancient Greece were even WORSHIPED as “effectively gods” by certain groups, like the “Pythagorean” (think the Pythagorean Theorem of Triangles) — and “Pythagoras”

      Whomever I’m speaking to, whether it be Proteus, or “Doug Plamping (The guy sounds like a schmuck :-) – do not even THINK of writing something about a character named Pythagoras (or similar) without the story being RIDDLED with numbers and number-theory and number interaction and number mystery…

  2. Proteus says:

    Also, I don’t want to give the impression that the book is ONLY about the Mayan Long Count date of 12/21/12, because it covers more than that – multiple science topics and locations across the world.

  3. Daniel Remler says:

    If you could change “Cyrus” (which I know has some nice implications) to something with the prefix “Con…” e.g. “Condor” — then you’d have a nice “PROteurs” VS “CON…” set up in the two names of the two brothers. And some titles would pop right out of that. It’s a nice dichotomy.

  4. Daniel Remler says:

    The Protean Dichotomy

  5. Proteus says:

    Thanks for posting, Dan. I forgot to enable auto-approval for the posts, so the posts were “pending” my approval while I ran out to bank and post office. Posts will automatically be approved today. I get a lot of spam on other days.