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Posted: 2nd May 2012 by Proteus in Contest

After a week and a half of reviewing about 2 dozen entries, it comes down to 2.  The wheat has been separated from the chaff.  (hold on — there’s no slang word called ‘chaff’ that is a derogatory word for some ethnic group, right? Quick Yahoo search … No?  OK, we’re good).

The cream has risen to the top (hold on, is it OK to use the word ‘cream’? The lawyers tell me No. OK, jurors, disregard that idiom).

The “feral” pigs of this contest have been segregated out of the non-feral population and “destroyed.”  (Is it OK to use ‘segregated’? Only when talking about pigs?  And/Or police officers? OK).

The lawyers tell me to steer clear of all analogies, puns and metaphors.

OK, so there’s 2 final entries in my “Name that Book” contest:

2012: Viral Entanglement


Destiny’s Harmony

Feel free to send your feedback.  This is not a vote.  It’s about quality, not quantity.  One good argument can defeat a hundred lousy ones.

If your entry in the contest wasn’t picked, don’t fret.  Picking book titles is quite a subjective process.  Many valid entries were rejected for inexplicable reasons.  Just be glad you participated, but I’m not sending you a participation trophy.

  1. Brian Griffin says:

    Well, Destiny’s Harmony sound like a romance novel, so I’ll go with the 1st one out of default.