Contest update!

Posted: 10th May 2012 by Proteus in Uncategorized
In response to all the feedback, greatly appreciated, I begrudgingly have to disqualify the entry “Destiny’s Harmony.”  I liked it but it reminded too many people of a romance novel.  ”Destiny’s Harmonic” sounds better but still isn’t quite appropriate for this book.

 But thanks to the harmony of destiny, I received a late entry in the contest that satisfactorily replaced the controversial entry.  That title is:

 Revelations of Fate

(I also think Fate’s Revelations is acceptable, but the one who suggested it prefers the 1st one).

 So the contest (to be decided by Saturday, 3 weeks after the contest started) is between these 2:

 Revelations of Fate


Viral Entanglement

And I reserve the right to slap on “2012″ somewhere in the subtitle just to ride on the coattails of all the 2012 hype.