Second book update

Posted: 16th January 2012 by Proteus in Uncategorized

I am almost done with the first draft of the second book.  This book is narrated by my brother, Cyrus.

We just have to give it a name. Should I have a contest?


Placebo effect has more effect?

Posted: 5th November 2011 by Proteus in Uncategorized

I wrote about this years ago and it is one of the ongoing themes of Into the Fifth World.

This Wired article has a good summary of the history of placebo and adds on new discoveries.

I write something one year, it becomes a news story the next year.



New options for reading, ordering.

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After getting some feedback and making corrections, I will be making Into the Fifth World available on the store (regular print, not just Kindle).

As for Kindle, there is now a way to read Kindle books without buying a Kindle — use the new Kindle Cloud Reader.

Story continues…

Posted: 4th June 2011 by Proteus in Uncategorized

The follow-up story to Into the Fifth World is being written at this moment.  My brother, Cyrus, has embarked on his own adventure in pursuit of me, and it sounds like quite a wild ride.  While my tale was called “A story of mind versus man,” this next installment will be called “A story of man versus men.”

If the first book was more psychological, the second book will be more thriller.  The demons that Cyrus faces will be real people, real organizations and real villians, not the demons of my own invention that I fought.  Are seeds of the imagination more frightening than the seeds of reality?  Find out soon as this next book is released.



A website visitor informed me of a differently similar website he happened upon by “accident.”

Of course we all know there are no coincidences.  This Doug Plamping fellow (also a scifi writer) may not have even existed were it not for the observation made by my website visitor who mistyped my website address.

But we will never know for sure.

Dissecting the Network

Posted: 1st May 2011 by Proteus in Proteus update

So what is this Network I write about?  The network of scientists for scientists — is it real, or merely a fabrication of my paranoia?

It’s not Mensa, that much is made clear in Into the Fifth World.  It is never given an official name.  It has multiple components, including a fund-raising arm and a public awareness arm.

In most circumstances, scientific communities are locally organized.  Certain cities are known for being research hubs.  Some cities have corporations whose employees are graduates from local universities that specialize in fields like biomedical research.  Obviously the United States considers itself a major leader, but cities like Singapore and Beijing are serious competitors.

So how do these chaotic forces find harmony?  Should they rely on the Invisible Hand of the free market or does some visionary leader have to direct things?  Should governments steer it, or corporations, or rich philanthropists, or university professors?  I can tell you, each faction believes that it should be in control.  Unfortunately, the pace of discovery is not something that can be predicted.  The undiscovered does not tell you when it will allow itself to be discovered.  So what can we do about it?

What is next?

Posted: 29th April 2011 by Proteus in Proteus update

What is my next adventure after Into the Fifth World?  Stay tuned for a new discussion.

Greetings from Proteus

Posted: 28th April 2011 by Proteus in Proteus update

Proteus here.  You may have already read or listened to my story, a story of mind versus man, a story of finding order in the chaos, retracing the steps and bringing those willing into the fifth world.

You most certainly have questions.  This is where I will endeavor to provide answers. Stay tuned.